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Empower your generation to
do great things.™

FNC Vision

To create a First Nations Coalition supporting commerce, creativity and community development programs on First Nations Land with a secure and stable First Nations Coin.

FNC Foundation

Empower your generation to do great things.™ 

  • Technology
  • Research
  • Scholarship
  • Economic Development

First Nations People

The First Nations people of North America and across the world have the ability to participate in growing economic development and market opportunities through the First Nations Coalition.

First Nations Communities

The First Nations Coalition (FNC) will support thriving communities with growth and economic development through modern technology and policy without heavy financial investment in resources.

First Nations Programs

FNC Communities will benefit through sustainable programs supporting individuals and businesses through healthier lifestyles, wellness, education, training, research, and alternative financial services.

First Nations Currency

The FNC Coin is a secure cryptocurrency used amongst participating First Nations programs. The coin is powered through secure blockchain  technology supporting financial inclusion with lower cost and full transparency.

Become a Founding Member

The First Nations Coalition is actively seeking partnerships with all native, indigenous, and aboriginal groups around the world to participate in the FNC Coalition. More participation equates to higher value, lowers costs and more success for all participating communities. 

We are also exploring additional native and non-native financial services, business and technology partners to join the program for a more robust offering and faster time-time to market.

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